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    By Kai, in Server Changelog,

    We have updated the servers with some requested mods, and a few stat changes for quality of life purposes and to hopefully make the game feel more fun but not ruining the feeling of progression.


    Bug Fixes

    • Removed 2 Ghost Zones
    • Resin Should now stack like other saps

    Server Rate Changes

    • XPMultiplier 8 from 4
    • Taming Speed Multiplier 8 from 4

    Player Stat Changes 

    • Player Base Health 2.5 from 1
    • Player Base Stamina 2.0 from 1
    • Player Fortitude 2.5 from 1

    Dino Stat Changes 

    • Dino Base Tamed Health 4.0 from 1
    • Dino Base Tamed Stamina 3.0 from 1
    • Dino Per Level Damage Multiplier 0.75 from 0.14

    Breeding Changes 

    • Mating Speed Multiplier 10.0 from 2
    • Baby Cuddle Grace Period 0.25 from 1
    • Egg Hatch Speed 10.0 from 5
    • Baby Mature Speed 10.0 from 5

    Engram Points 

    • 10 per level now max points 1500

    Server Plugins

    • Added Seeds to Points shop more stuff being added overtime


    New Mod Command for Server Information GUI

    • Use F11 to open an information panel that will show you various information about our server.
      • Welcome Tab - General Info
      • Rates Tab - Various Server Rates
      • FAQ Tab - Information about donating, voting, and point shop.
      • Commands Tab - Show player commands that are available.
      • Bottom Left Buttons are quick links to our website.

    Booty Bay Utilities Mod Update

    • Nyan Medium Cannon Added  but Not Available at this time
    • Firework flare Cannon Added  but Not Available at this time

    Current Server Mod List

    • BitKit's Clothing
    • Booty Bay Utilities
    • Custom Item Stacks
    • Death Recovery Mod
    • Editable Server UI(WBUI)
    • Kwaka's Pirate Jukebox
    • Peachy Atlas Furniture
    • Peachy Ship Decor
    • Shimmyys Animal Edits (Require's New tames for it to take effect)
    • Eco's Atlas Foliage
    • Eco's RP Decor 



    Wipe Event Extravaganza

    By Kai, in Events,

    We are currently running a "pre-wipe" extravaganza event. With the following rates set:

    • Server gather rates are going up to 25x
    • Inventory Weight from 4 to 200
    • Dino Weight from 7 to 500
    • Thursday Night Maw Ship Battle Event

    Please make sure to join us Thursday night, in the Maw (Grid C3) for a fun event where we will spawn companies Galleons and Tamed Drakes to battle each other with!


    For more information about the wipe itself please join our Discord and check out the #wipe-news channel. Here is a brief version:

    We are having to wipe in order to fix server performance issues. We have an average of 8 to 13 islands per server grid, it turns out that Atlas is really not good at handling more than 5, with 4 being the preferred average. The only way to fix this issue going forward is to wipe the server and redesign the map.

    1/18/19 - 6:30 PM CST 7:30 PM EST

    What is changing?
    We are upgrading from a 3x4 to a 5x5 server grid.
    There will be 2 starting freeports now on opposite sides of the map.

    There are many many more changes not posted here, but do check out the #wipe-news channel in our Discord for all of the information.



    By Meatslanger, in Server Changelog,

    This was just a minor update to get to the latest Atlas Server Patch as well as some minor changes.


    • CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier Increased from 1 to 3
    • GlobalSpoilingTimeMultiplier Increased from 1 to 2
    • BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier Increased from 1 to 3
    • MatingSpeedMultiplier Increased from 1 to 2
    • ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures resources should be less effected by close structures.
    • MaxWildCreatures reduced from 1 to 0.5 to Increase server performance and reduce the spawns a bit they were getting out of control.
      • Minor Adjustment to Harvest gathering for berries to improve overall server performance.



    By Kai, in Server Changelog,

    This was just a minor update to get to the latest Atlas Server Patch as well as some minor fixes.



    • Updated to the latest Atlas Server patch, patch was related to server stability improvements.
    • We have added a new plugin to help us control structure limits.
      • Lighthouses are now server limited to 3 per user.
      • You can type /showlimits to see how many lighthouses you have placed and how many structures you have placed in general.
    • The Ship of The Damned have been adjusted to the following:
      • Beginner Grid: No Change
      • Golden Age Ruins: 0.8 to 0.5
      • Other Grids: 0.1 to 0.2
        • We may raise it to 0.3 depending on if they are still only seen once every few days. Our goal is for them to show up occasionally (instead of never like now) but also make sure only 1 spawns and not groups of them.


    • The in-game Atlas Map will now correctly show the Power Stone Icons, the Ghost Ship boss power stone icon, and the Maw icon.
      • If you hit  I to open your inventory, and then go to the Atlas tab and zoom out you will be able to see the new icons in B3, and C1.
    • One Discovery zone was added, which was needed as part of the above fix with the icons on the map.
    • The Discovery Zones around Golden Age Ruin Islands had their discovery XP boost buffed to be closer to official.
    • The Power Stone islands were re-named to their correct power stone color name.

    Note: Me and Slanger took the time to test some of the power stone islands. We were able to get an Artifact key and then take it to the power stone console to unlock a power stone from the island we were on. The power stone was then added to our compass and saved into our collection. 8 Power Stones come from islands, and the 9th comes from the Ghost Ship boss which now has an icon on the Atlas Map as well.

    I will put together a small guide here on the website in the future with how this works.

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